The Squeeze: Manning discusses Patriots

Happy Friday, #BroncosCountry –

We hope you're wearing our colors! Friday is the final day of practice for the Broncos before Sunday's game. While you're waiting, here are a couple things to get caught up on, starting with our quarterback:

1. Manning discusses the Patriots
Peyton Manning discussed the upcoming showdown against the New England Patriots with KOA NewsRadio's Dave Logan in his weekly segment.

Manning's perspective on the Patriots this season is different than most Broncos as he watched the game on a TV from the equipment room for the second half as he sat out with a foot injury.

"Certainly you study all the games that New England has played and realize that they're going to do different things the second time around, potentially, against you," Manning said. "You prepare for what you might see on film, but you also have to plan to adjust. It's something that's important and it's something that we've done all season."

Adjustments will be key for the Broncos as they prepare for different looks the Patriots may give them.

"I think in the NFL teams do lots of different things," Manning said. "I think it's important that you have smart players on your football team that can handle different things. At the same time, you have to do some things that have gotten you to this point. For us, certainly running the ball is going to be paramount. Playing great defense is going to be paramount. Those are things that have gotten us to that point and those are things that will be important this week."

Listen to the rest of the interview here:

2. DIA welcomes Patriots

The Patriots left New England Friday morning and something special will be waiting for them when they arrive at Denver International Airport Friday afternoon:

3. Davis' Throwback Thursday
Tight end Vernon Davis tossed this guy up on Instagram last night and we're in awe:

4. In case you missed it …

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