The Squeeze: Manning covers Sports Illustrated

Happy Tuesday, #BroncosCountry –

We hope you woke up this lovely Tuesday dancing like this or this. It's back to business on Wednesday as preparations for the Patriots officially starts, but in the meantime here are a couple things to read up on, starting with a magazine cover:

1. What it takes to get to SB50

At this point in the season, moods change, the unexpected happens and one mistake under pressure could send you packing.

But despite the uncertainty, each of the remaining teams have weaknesses and ESPN has broke them down for us.

For the Broncos, they'll need to do what they've done best all year: Get after Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Applying pressure was one of the major keys to the Broncos' win over the Patriots in December

Of the five games in which Brady was pressured most frequently this season, the Patriots lost three, including their 30-24 setback against the Broncos in Week 12. The two games they won were against the Bills (in their second meeting) and the Giants, which they won by a combined eight points.

But just like the Patriots, the Broncos too have weaknesses. For the second half of the season, Denver has excelled on the ground. Stop the run, and the Broncos could lose their rhythm.

When the Broncos this season have added win probability in some way by running the football -- when their running game simply adds to the mix -- they're 7-0. When the running game takes something off the table, whether it be by inefficiency, fumbles or other poor play, Denver is a far more pedestrian 6-4, including its narrow win over the Steelers on Sunday evening.

Read the rest of ESPN's analysis of the remaining four teams in the hunt for a Super Bowl berth here.

2. Manning covers Sports Illustrated

Manning and Brady cover this week's national edition of Sports Illustrated ahead of the Broncos-Patriots matchup:

3. Norwood takes in Colorado beauty

After meetings on Monday, wide receiver Jordan Norwood, his wife and daughter, Franni, headed to Red Rocks for a quick photo session.

Norwood is a photographer in his spare time, so make sure to check out his Instagram for more pictures like this:

#RedRocks #Sunset

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Red Rocks with my ladies!

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4. In case you missed it …

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