The Squeeze: Madden, knees and the great outdoors

Good morning, #BroncosCountry,

We hope you're gearing up for a relaxing weekend! Before you get too relaxed – here are four things to get caught up on.

1. Trevathan talks reconstructed knee

In June, inside linebacker Danny Trevathan confused everyone when he spoke in a media session about his knee. Trevathan told the media that he had gotten a knee transplant – which he now says wasn't true.

"It was a joke. Technically, it's not really nobody's knee. It's reconstructed. That was a joke I was just putting out there," Trevathan said on 105.5 ESPN in Denver.

"Everything is originally mine," he continued. "They took some muscle out of my leg and moved it to my knee. You know how that goes but other than that it's my knee and I just wanted to go out there and say I didn't know people were going to take it like that. It's my knee. It's just reconstructed."

2. Broncos enjoy the great outdoors, according to Instagram

Less than a week remains before the Broncos report to the training center in anticipation for the first day of training camp.

In the mean time, players have enjoyed their last days of vacation enjoying the perfect weather – according to their Instagrams:

WR Nathan Palmer goes on a hike

S David Bruton Jr. goes on a bike ride

WR Jordan Norwood dunks

K Connor Barth gets a work out in on the beach

3. Sanders on NFL Madden

WR Emmanuel Sanders gave fans a taste of his character on the new NFL Madden.

4. In case you missed it…

Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas among top 50 NFL players in sales.

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