The Squeeze: Looking ahead to 2017

1. So you're saying there's a chance?!

With Wednesday's news that DeMarcus Ware was headed to injured reserve, the veteran's 12th season came to an abrupt end. As Ware prepares for back surgery to put an end to a nagging injury that bothered him all season, some wondered if this could be the end of his career. However, the nine-time Pro Bowler won't go down that easily ...

‪Pedal is always to the metal and fuel is still in the tank. #VroomVroom ‬

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2. Go 'Cats

Trevor Siemian's Northwestern Wildcats took on Pittsburgh in the Pinstripe Bowl on Wednesday. To his delight, the Wildcats pulled off a 31-24 upset.

3. On to 2017

Which team that didn't make the playoffs in 2016 has the best chance to make the playoffs in 2017? What you're feeling right now, Broncos Country, shouldn't last too long.

4. 'To be a champion ... '

Kayvon Webster was also placed on IR Wednesday after suffering a concussion vs. the Chiefs. With his 2016 season officially over, he now has some time to reflect as the year winds down. Webster took to his Instagram to describe what he beleives it means to be a champion.

5. ICYMI ...

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