The Squeeze: Kids, weddings and Tennessee

Good morning, #BroncosCountry -

We hope you had a splendid weekend! Here are some things to get caught up on from the weekend.

1. Manning visits Chattanooga, Tennessee

Quarterback Peyton Manning paid his respects to the four U.S. Marines who were killed at the Naval Marine Corps Reserve Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Manning, a former quarterback for the Tennessee Volunteers, visited with military personnel and police officers late Saturday night.

2. Thomas holds kids camp

WR Demaryius Thomas continues his good work in the community after holding two camps this weekend.

3. Miller attends Dumervil's wedding

Outside linebacker Von Miller attended former Denver Bronco Elvis Dumervil's wedding in Puerto Rico over the weekend.

4. In case you missed it…

Vroom, the Startup That Aims to Be the Zappos of Online Car Buying, Raises $54 Million, including help from investor John Elway.

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