The Squeeze: John Elway takes on Broadmoor's famed East Course for U.S. Senior Open Qualifier


1. Looking to qualify Before OTAs resumed Tuesday, President of Football Operations/General Manager John Elway took part in a U.S. Senior Open Qualifier at The Broadmoor's famed East Course.

Colorado Avid Golfer, a Colorado source for golf news, followed Elway during his round on Monday. Check out some of the highlights below, and visit @coloavidgolfer for a full play-by-play of the round.

Even an undesired ending couldn't end the fun, though!

2. Honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice Broncos players, executives and alums took to social media on Monday to recognize the members of the armed forces who have given their lives to keep the United States free.

Remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

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3. Never-ending debate The Warriors defeated the Rockets on Monday night to set up the fourth straight NBA Finals matchup between Golden State and Cleveland, and after a little celebrating, some Broncos weighed in on what this Finals appearance means for LeBron James' standing among the all-time greats.

Basketball is a team sport. No matter how good any individual player may be, he on his own cannot win a ring without help. Nobody in basketball history has won an NBA championship without their teammates. LeBron James, in his 30’s, has now led probably his worst team since 2006 to an NBA finals. He may be 3 for 8 in the finals, but you cannot ignore the teams he has faced, the numbers he has put up, and the inconsistent production he’s dealt with from his other four. HE DOES NOT GET A PASS ON HIS FINALS LOSS AGAINST THE MAVS! That, to me, is his only knock when it comes to finals. So stop using (won 3 out of 8) as your reasoning as to why he’s not the GOAT. It takes a TEAM to win a GROUP AWARD! You are out of your mind if you think Jordan had a bad team or one lessor to LeBron’s. Jordan left and they still won 50 games and made the playoffs. No LeBron, no cavaliers in the playoffs. I don’t want to hear that the talent level was different. Nobody in the 80s or 90s has seen a golden state team like this. Nobody in that era has even seen a 7’0 forward like KD (even though he’s playing ass right now)! Also, the super team argument is washed because super teams have been alive since the showtime Lakers. Why? Because you need a TEAM TO WIN! Let’s not ignore the fact that he should have at least 7 MVP’s including this years. It’s unfortunate that he’s so good haters have created a level that not even their beloved Jordan could attain. The numbers don’t lie, the lineups don’t lie, and again for the 8th year in a row, a 33 year old LeBron is back in the finals. And if this ain’t convincing enough and you’ll continue to say 3-8 in finals, then Bill Russel is the the GOAT and has 11 rings. So pick your poison 🤷🏽‍♂️✌🏽

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