The Squeeze: Halloween in Broncos Country

1. Halloween in Broncos Country

Dressing up in Broncos orange is just a natural fit for Halloween, right?

Barrel Man lives!

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2. They did the Vonster mash

But when it comes to dressing up like one specific Bronco, of course, the most popular choice was the eccentric Von Miller. Most of these fans included Miller's interest in chicken farming in their costumes, and some also drew from his sartorial choices in hats, footwear and glasses. Which one's your favorite?

Some others took to carving or drawing Miller on their pumpkins, too. After all, what's scarier for the Broncos' opponents than seeing that?

Spooktacular s newlanders

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Nailed it. Happy Halloween and GO BRONCOS!! 🔶🔷 @vonmiller #broncos

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3. ESPN features Luke Kellerman

Late Broncos assistant turf manager Luke Kellerman's story went nationwide Monday night. Prior to the Broncos' game against the Chiefs, ESPN aired a touching segment documenting his fight and how he inspired the "Fight Like A Broncos" campaign.

#lukestrong #mondaynightcountdown

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4. Trick or treat

Ahead of Halloween, a couple Broncos showed off their kids' costumes, like Cody Latimer's son dressed as Waldo and Kyle Peko's son dressed as Alfalfa from "Little Rascals."

Happy Halloween from Alfalfa! #halloween2k17👻🎃

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