The Squeeze: Good Morning Football names Emmanuel Sanders 'Most Underappreciated'

1. 'What he's doing is incredible'

On Wednesday's edition of *Good Morning Football, *the crew discussed the most underappreciated players in the league. Number one on Kay Adams' list? Emmanuel Sanders. Check out the stats she rattled off and you'll agree that his name should be thrown around in the NFL's top 10 receivers category.

2. Play(er) of the Week

Early Wednesday morning, Bradley Roby![](/team/roster/bradley-roby/d85c2a37-fe3b-4c92-a56b-47e8048cc50a/ "Bradley Roby") was named the AFC Defensive Player of the Week. Why? Probably this 49-yard pick-six. But was it really just the eighth-best play of the week, NFL?

3. #BeAChampion

Twenty-four active players spent Tuesday donating a couple hours of their time at XIX, the Broncos' 19th annual community blood drive.

Spent the day with some very special people.Took time out of their schedule to help those in need.Thank you guys. @Broncos @BroncosOffField — Billy Winn (@BillyBoi90) November 1, 2016

4. ICYMI ...

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