The Squeeze: Emmanuel Sanders takes the Houston Rockets' 'First Shot'


  1. Sanders' first shot**

Emmanuel Sanders swapped the gridiron for the hardwood Thursday to take on the Houston Rockets' "First Shot" challenge. Prior to each game, the Rockets have a celebrity guest attempt one free throw for charity. If the guest makes it, the Rockets donate $5,000 to charity. If it's a miss, the Rockets donate $1,000. Well, let's just say the Rockets donated $1,000 after Sanders' try. Sorry, E. But hey, he still had a blast at the game with his son, Princeton.

2. Still champions in the community

Even though it's the offseason, the Broncos are still busy out in their communities. At home in Denver, the team hosted an art project at the Denver Broncos Boys & Girls Club with local artist Will Day. Meanwhile, C.J. Anderson's foundation, the Dreams Never Die Foundation, secured a partnership with Microsoft.

3. Senior Bowl honors

Former Bronco Al Wilson was inducted into the Senior Bowl Hall of Fame on Thursday night. The former Tennessee All-American linebacker participated in the 1999 Senior Bowl.

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