The Squeeze: Elway chats with Bleacher Report

1. John Elway's offseason thoughts

Bleacher Report's Jason Cole recently sat down with Broncos EVP/GM John Elway.

Cole and Elway touched on a number of topics, including the challenges this offseason presented and how Elway, a three-time Super Bowl winner, stays motivated.

A glimpse at some of Elway's answers ahead of the 2016 season:

"There are challenges every year. That's why this year in free agency and all that, there are challenges every year trying to keep things together. So that's always a challenge. Was it a big surprise that we were in that situation? Yeah, because I thought…we drafted Brock [Osweiler] when we got Peyton [Manning] because we didn't know exactly what Peyton was going to be. But also, if [Manning] wasn't in good shape, we were going to a guy who was going to be here for a long, long time. Now, that didn't work out, so it was a matter of, you have to fix the issue. There are going to be issues every year."

"As a player, you're invested a lot more physically, so that's why it's a lot tougher. You're right in the middle of it and you're getting hit and you're going through it physically. So it's a lot more difficult. So the feeling of finally being able to get that done is, it feels like a great accomplishment. I would say as a GM, it's more of a satisfying feeling that you were able to put the right people together because they're the ones who ultimately do all the work."

"There are high expectations here. I think that always starts at the top. That's how [owner] Pat [Bowlen] was before and it filtered down here and I just carry it on for him. The expectations, I believe, are a lot higher here than a lot of other places."

"If it's not that important for me to win then that's going to be passed down to everybody else that it's not that important to compete. The competition is important. That's why we do this. I really don't need the money. I do it because I like to compete. I do it because I like to see the scoreboard on Sunday. I like those report cards, and in football, they come every Sunday."

2. Catching up with Von

OLB Von Miller continues to enjoy the perks that follow a Super Bowl win, as he stopped back in for the Dancing with the Stars finale. Miller was eliminated from the show earlier this season, but he returned for a dance number featuring all of the season's contestants.* *

Miller also starred in rapper Lil Dicky's Madden sketch with New England TE Rob Gronkowski and Pittsburgh WR Antonio Brown. Neither Miller nor Brown earned the cover spot for this year's game, and Lil Dicky seems to push all the right buttons.

3. Warriors in trouble

The Oklahoma City Thunder punished the Golden State Warriors last night, 118-94, to take a 3-1 series lead over the team that won 73 games in the regular season. A number of Broncos sounded off about the momentous turn in the series.

man stop — Donald Stephenson (@Don59Wayne) May 25, 2016

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