The Squeeze: Diary of a Kicker and Brandon Marshall's birthday

Good morning, #BroncosCountry—

We hope you are enjoying this sunny Thursday! The season opener is just days away and game prep is in full swing. To help you jumpstart your day, here are three things to get caught up on.

1. Still kicking

Kicker Brandon McManus talked about the ups and downs of being a kicker in the NFL in an article he wrote for The Players Tribune, an editorial site founded by Derek Jeter.

In the article, McManus looked back on his time bouncing from team to team and from practice squads to active rosters. But all those experiences and opportunities helped him grow.

"A kicker makes such an obvious impact on the game, and everyone knows when we succeed or fail," McManus writes. "I think that's what shapes people's perception of us. Some might look at that as a burden. Now, I see it as an opportunity."

2. Top Tweet

Inside linebacker Brandon Marshall turned 26 today! Happy Birthday, Brandon!

3. In case you missed it…

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