The Squeeze: Demaryius Thomas, Colonel Sanders and fantasy football

Good morning, #BroncosCountry –

Today we welcome the San Francisco 49ers to our home at the UCHealth Training Center for two practices before their game this Saturday. We're sure there will be lots of fun stories to come out of practice, but in the meantime, here are three things you should get caught up on.

1. Professor Demaryius Thomas

Wide receiver and Professor Emerityius Demaryius Thomas, has partnered up with Lenovo to teach you how to play fantasy football at their Fantasy Online College.

Along with players like wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and running backs Jamaal Charles and Matt Forte, Thomas will be a part of mock PSAs and advertisements throughout the season.

Check out the introductory video below and watch Thomas rocking out in an 80s hair band outfit here.

* *

2. Emmanuel is Colonel Sanders

Last night, wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders encouraged his followers to tweet at him their fantasy football teams with their creative names. One particular team called 'The Real Colonel Sanders' prompted Sanders to tweet this at KFC:

That led to not one but TWO responses from KFC:

And then Sanders started the negotiations...

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