The Squeeze: Chilly nights, dogs and the Boys and Girls Club

Happy Saturday, #BroncosCountry –

Just one more sleep until the big day. While you're anxiously waiting, here are a couple things to get caught up on, starting with dogs:

1. Harris braves the cold for PETA
Cornerback Chris Harris Jr. partnered up with PETA to show the public the cruelty of leaving your dog outside during cold nights.

To show how harmful it is to your dogs, Harris spent as long as he could outside in his yard on a 30-degree night to see what it would be like for a dog. Harris only lasted a couple hours after suffering from the chilly air, lack of water (it had frozen!) and boredom.

He even backed into a doghouse to see if he could get warmer. You've got to see this:

2. Bruton hangs out with Boys and Girls Club
Safety David Bruton Jr. and some kids from the Boys and Girls Club had some fun at Denver's International Sportsman Expo:

3. In case you missed it …

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