The Squeeze: Broncos read superlatives on The Tonight Show

1. Most likely to ...

After the Broncos defeated the Panthers, DeMarcus Ware and Demaryius Thomas joined other NFL stars on a recorded segment for the The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The players were asked to read superlatives and let's just say DeMarcus Ware may have a new gig for whenever he decides to retire.

2. Victory Friday!

The Broncos won their season opener Thursday night which means today is ... Victory Friday! There's no better feeling, right Broncos Country?

1-0 ...I know y'all see the bunnies tho! #icanstilldunkithink

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The real victory.

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3. Olympic rings to Super Bowl rings

Every one wanted to see the defending Super Bowl champs in action Thursday night, including NBA stars and Olympic gold medalists Jimmy Butler and Paul George.

4. 'Picks, Stephen'

Chris Harris Jr. changed the game Thursday night with a clutch interception in the fourth quarter. Other elite defensive backs in the nation took notice while others like ESPN's Stephen A. Smith doubted Harris Jr.'s ability, prompting the Broncos' cornerback to respond with the ultimate mic drop.

5. Strip sack Miller

Von Miller joined other elite NFL players in a new commercial for Xbox's Madden 17 live gaming network where the players attempt to increase their popularity by playing fans. As Marshawn Lynch says, Von and the rest of the crew "need to work on y'all's people skills."

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