The Squeeze: Broncos beards & so much more

Hey, #BroncosCountry!

Here are some things to know as you continue your Thursday:

1. Michael 'The Beard' Bowen finally chops it off

Since Denver's loss in Super Bowl XLVIII, Broncos fan Michael Bowen decided he wasn't going to cut his beard until the Broncos won a Super Bowl. Two years later, the superfan finally said goodbye to his beloved facial hair.

2. A Super wager between states

North Carolina governor Pat McCrory on Wednesday made good on his wager with Colorado governor John Hickenlooper after the Broncos beat the Panthers in Super Bowl 50. McCrory covered his Panthers jersey in Hickenlooper's Broncos jersey and was required to wear it for the remainder of the day.

3. A game of catch inspires McManus

In 2014, kicker Brandon McManus was asked to visit Ryder, a Broncos fan with Down syndrome who was being bullied by kids in the neighborhood. After his visit McManus decided to start the Anti-Bullying Squad, an organization that takes a stand against bullying through education, awareness and prevention.

4. Before Miller's specs were cool ...

Linebacker Von Miller has made wearing glasses a staple of his look, but once upon a time they weren't very fashionable. In this article from The Players' Tribune Miller and friends recount childhood stories of early football careers and sneaking out of the house.

5. Latimer shows R&B some love

Cody Latimer posted some photos of himself and R&B singers Ray J and Lyfe Jennings in Miami on Wednesday. After running into Jennings, Latimer gave his aunt a call and asked Jennings to speak to her.

Safe to say she was excited.

6. Trevathan takes a trip

Linebacker Danny Trevathan says he hasn't taken a real vacation in his four years of being in the league but he seems to have broken that streak Thursday with a trip to Wailea, Hawaii.

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