The Squeeze: Baby Von

1. Baby Von

The NFL released a new commercial that will be shown during the Super Bowl, and it features one of Broncos Country's favorite players. Only in this commercial, he's bite-sized.

2. Ware's Day Off

DeMarcus Ware made it down to Houston on Thursday, and he packed a lot of excitement into an afternoon. Relive his media whirlwind!

3. Von meets Tom ... kind of

Tom Brady is getting ready for Super Bowl LI, but Von found a cardboard cutout of Brady from his combine workout nearly two decades ago. Von couldn't help but have a little fun.

4. Defensive Player of the Year?

Von faces some tough competition, but with plays like this, it's easy to see why he's deserving of the award whose winner will be announced Saturday night.

5. Ward checks in

T.J. Ward is also in Houston, and it looks like he signed more than his fair share of autographs for fans of all different teams!

6. Clutch plays of the year

Of course we made the list.

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