The Squeeze: Baby goats and Snoop Dogg

Happy Thursday, #BroncosCountry –

Now that we're just a couple days out from Super Bowl 50, the Broncos have finished up their media responsibilities and will look to relax with their families before the big game on Sunday. While you wait, here are a couple things going on in the world of social media, starting with some little fans:

1. "Herd"core fans

Rebecca Herberg of Montrose, Colorado had a problem with her baby goats on chilly Colorado nights. Their little eight- or nine-pound bodies couldn't handle the cold so she began knitting sweaters for them, and being the Broncos fan that she is, they had to be blue and orange.

"When they start butting heads out there it looks like a football game," said Herberg to ABC News. "We have 300 goats. They have between 150 and 200 kids [baby goats] in the spring. And we have 14 dogs."

Watch the video and read the rest of their story here.

2. Snoop Dogg makes Super Bowl appearance

Rapper Snoop Dogg made an appearance at the Broncos' media session on Thursday morning where he asked the players some tough questions ahead of the Super Bowl.

But he also made sure to give the Broncos some love, and they took to social media to show their encounters:

Uncle snoop @snoopdogg

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Snoop Dogg! Had to lol!!!! #westcoasticon

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