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Sacco Sez: A season of celebration


Earlier this week I was fortunate to meet with longtime friend and associate Pete Abitante at the NFL offices in New York.

Pete is Vice President of Special Events for the NFL and is in charge of the season-long celebration of the NFL's 100th season.

It is sometimes hard for me to imagine that both Pete and I have been part of the NFL for 42 of those years.

He and I talked about the list of 100 greatest players being chosen by a special panel, and of course it was an honor to be one of the individuals to help select the Denver Broncos Top 100 Team.

Virtually every NFL game telecast will make mention of NFL 100, and talking about television with Pete reminded me that my "Broncos Sideline Stories" show will be doing that as well.

This might be considered a shameless plug, but I figure I should let viewers know what is coming up.

This year we have interviews done with former running backs Steve Sewell and Dave Preston, as well as former tight end Ron Egloff.

The really special subject is former head coach Mike Shanahan, which I think fans will really enjoy.

Next week when the Broncos play in Los Angeles, KUSA photographers Brian Olson and John Kuhrt will assist me in doing scheduled interviews with tight end Byron Chamberlain, wide receiver Michael Young and two others.

Those are Marlin Briscoe, first African-American quarterback of modern pro football, and Top 100 Team member Glyn Milburn, who still holds the NFL record for all-purpose yards in one game.

Many fans have commented that they enjoy the "pick a player " segment, and I plan to change that up to feature our anniversary year and team.

I think I will have 9NEWS anchor Tom Green pick the player (I hope that will be OK with Tom!), hopefully from our Top 100 list, and we will talk about and feature that player.

That's my plan right now.

The show once again will air each week of the regular season, on KTVD-20 on Saturday nights at 9:30 p.m. and KUSA on 9NEWS on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m.

But of course, the main events are the games themselves, and the Broncos practicing against and playing San Francisco just reminds us again of the magnitude of the coming season.

These two old rivals play on "Monday Night Football," which is how the Broncos will open the season against the division rival Oakland Raiders.

Hopes are high and expectations run wild this time of the year, but enjoy the season no matter what.

It is a season of celebration in the NFL, and the fans are a huge element in every celebration that occurs in the world of sports.