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Mason's Mailbag: Week 5 grab bag

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Re: Gotsis. He's getting a few defensive snaps, averaging mid-teens, percentage-wise; seems like so far he's mostly used for giving the veterans a breather. What's your assessment of his play/ development?**

-- Harry Schier

Exactly what I expected given that he was coming off a torn anterior cruciate ligament, which cost him all of OTAs, and is still relatively new to the sport. Every game there's at least one play where he's able to use his energy and athleticism to become a disruptive force off the snap; with time and further teaching, those moments should increase.


Has a team ever had three different players record at least 2.5 sacks in back -to-back-to-back games before? Miller (3), Ray (3), Wolfe (2.5).**

-- Jake Boyle

Yes, according to In the 1991 season, the Saints' "Dome Patrol" defense received three sacks from Rickey Jackson on Sep. 29, then got 2.5 sacks from Pat Swilling on Oct. 13 (after an Oct. 6 bye) and finally 2.5 sacks from Frank Warren against Tampa Bay on Oct. 20. Detroit got three 2.5-sack games from different players in a two-game span in 1986; Tampa Bay did the same in 2000 with Ronde Barber, Warren Sapp and Anthony "Booger" McFarland.

Also, the Broncos have never had three different players record 2.5-sack games in the same season. In 1999, they had three such games, but two went to Trevor Pryce, with Glenn Cadrez notching the other.

@MaseDenver #AskMase how does being right or left handed impact players' positions? Is there an advantage or disadvantage for lefty/righty? — Alberto Ibarra (@betoibarramty) October 2, 2016

There's not an advantage one way or another at most spots, but there is an adjustment when you go from having a right-handed quarterback to a left-handed quarterback, a right-handed center to a left-handed center, and a right-footed placekicker to a left-footed placekicker. For the quarterback, the receivers have to make an adjustment to a different spin on the football. Further, with the placement of the blind side reversed an offense with a southpaw QB might be more likely to have its premium pass rusher at right tackle.

For kicker, it's simple, but complex: the holder must align himself on the left side relative to the kicker, rather than the right.

Right- or left-handed dominance has less of an impact on players in three-point stances, although it can have an effect. It generally has little impact on linebackers, defensive backs, running backs, receivers and tight ends.

Against the Bengals, C.J. Anderson seemed to have some trouble with his footing, as thought he was unfamiliar with running on that surface. I understand the fact that quality of surfaces vary widely across the league, but do the Broncos practice at all on the type of surface they'll be facing in the week leading up to an away game?

-- John Thomas

The Broncos have an artificial surface on the floor of the Pat Bowlen Fieldhouse, but the FieldTurf used there is a) not the exact same as the UBU-Speed Series-S5-M Synthetic Turf used at Paul Brown Stadium and b) is in much better condition than Cincinnati's field, which is two years older and subject to much more wear from regular use and being exposed to the elements, to the point where the field appeared flat in spots, which led to some poor footing.

Further, the Broncos prefer to practice on grass because it reduces the overall wear and tear on players' joints. Although the modern artificial surfaces are miles ahead of the old AstroTurf fields used from the 1960s through the early 2000s, grass is still the superior surface. Last year, the Broncos would hold Owen Daniels out of extensive work when they practiced on turf, as he had issues with both knees. They gave him more repetitions on grass.


Terrell Davis was the number one player in the two back to back Super Bowls.**

He was the reason for the Bronco wins.
Without him the would not have won. I've watched the games 5 times.
Terrell stood out each time.
I can't imagine he isn't praised more!??
Why not on Mount Rushmore too????

-- Jayson Morris

Because a "Mount Rushmore" only has room for four players -- per the four presidents on the actual Mount Rushmore -- and thus, you have to make some difficult choices. Further, on the Broncos Mount Rushmore I mentioned last week, you have a balance between offense and defense and from four distinct eras of Broncos history. I'll stick with Floyd Little, Randy Gradishar, John Elway and Champ Bailey.

Depends on the city. If it's San Diego, the Tampa Bay area or New Orleans, yes. Some others, no.

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