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Broncos High School Game of the Week: Friday, October 16


Riverdale Ridge vs Niwot on Friday, October 16 at Riverdale High School at 6pm. Senior Night!

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MATCHUPRiverdale RidgeNiwot
LEAGUEColorado SpringsNorthern
OFFENSESpread, Zone ReadSplit Back Veer
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Coaching StatisticsRiverdale RidgeNiwot
Head Coach Wayne VoorheesHead Coach Nikolas Blume
3rd year as head coach at Riverdale Ridge1st year as head coach at Niwot
18th year as a high school head coach (Legacy)1st year as a high school head coach
29th season overall as a high school coach (CO)18th season overall as a high school (CO, NE)
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Players to WatchRiverdale RidgeNiwot
QB: Aidan BurnsQB: Ayden Bartko
RB: Braylon FendersonRB: Cooper Ackerman
OL: Alex MestasC: James Cummins
SS: Cayden MazurekILB: Ben Classen
DE: Trevor MillerFS: Craig Wright

Quotes from Riverdale Ridge Head Coach Wayne Voorhees: On what he's looking forward to most about this season?

WV: We're just looking forward to coming out and competing, giving ourselves a chance to make the postseason and put Riverdale Ridge on the map. This is our first year playing with seniors so this year is more special than normal. It's a great group of seniors and we feel this is the first season where we can match up physically with our opponents. I'm also very excited to see what this young sophomore class can do. A lot of talent, just hope they're ready to go.

On the biggest challenge adapting to COVID-19 and the new fall schedule?

WV: All the back and forth about having a season or not having a season was tough but we're just happy to have a seven-game season and we're going to make it worth our while. This season is also unique because we get to play schools that we wouldn't normally play as we travel to Colorado Springs and Pueblo. But the offseason wasn't ideal but it was tough on all programs.

Quotes from Niwot Head Coach Nikolas Blume: On what he's looking forward to most about this season?

NB: This is my first year as a head coach ever, so there's a lot to be exited about. I'm just looking forward to changing the culture here at Niwot and establishing a commitment to football that hasn't been here for a few years. We have some dynamic seniors that I'm excited about and I think they can be great leaders in this locker room. Hoping we can play with some balance on offense and I'm really excited about our young secondary. This program hasn't won more than three games over the past three seasons so I'm excited about turning that around and giving our seniors a season they can be proud of.

On the biggest challenge adapting to COVID-19 and the new fall schedule?

NB: Being a first-year head coach during this time was a challenge. I was hired in February with hopes of having months to build relationships, set expectations, change the culture, all of those things. And when that doesn't happen, it makes things more difficult. The offseason with limited to no practice was also tough but we did what we could to get ready.