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Broncos, Briefly: Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018


"This is something that once you experience it, you won't forget it," said Simmons. "This is real life. This is something that we should be pouring into. This is bigger than football."

On a rainy Tuesday afternoon, Simmons and five other teammates headed to the Children's Hospital on the Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

"You never know how much a hello or a couple minutes of your day could change a families' perspective on what they're going through," added Simmons. "To see how they're fighting through their situations and their tough times, that inspires me. Not as a football player, but just as a man in life."

The Broncos utilized the formation four times Sunday against the Jets, and suddenly, their offense featured one of the NFL's top rushing duos in the same set: Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman.

The breakout rookie running backs combine to average 5.5-yards per carry, and 578 overall — fourth- most among NFL teammates through five weeks — as the seemingly perfect mix of physicality (Freeman) and finesse (Lindsay). Their presence together in one backfield is enough to keep plenty of NFL defensive coordinators up at night.

"It's meant to put stress on people because you don't know who is supposed to get the ball," Lindsay said.

Added Freeman: "The possibilities are even higher for what we could run and being creative."

According to the league, growth is being driven by streaming on phones and connected TVs, where the average audience has grown 147 percent and 54 percent, respectively, compared with 2017.

"We've always been based on a reach model by airing games [on over-the-air network TV]," said Kevin LaForce, the NFL's senior vice president for media strategy and business development, in a statement. "That is a core tenant of our media philosophy for decades. However, with digital and the shift in consumption in the market place, we want to make sure fans have access to as much of our content as possible, especially the live games. There is an expectation of fans getting their content where they want it, when they want it. We have to provide that for them."

_The NFL attributes much of its success in this realm to its focus on providing a high-quality streaming experience. NFL Media's Culver City, Calif. headquarters is staffed with nearly 100 people on game days who are tasked with making sure all of the digital streams are running smoothly. _