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Broncos assistant coach Emily Zaler helps launch Nike, NFL campaign to make women's flag football a high school varsity sport


As part of a new effort to bring women's flag football to high schools across the country as a national varsity sport, Nike and the NFL have launched an initiative with help from female NFL coaches, including Broncos Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Emily Zaler.

"A million more boys than girls get to play sports in high school," Nike stated in a video announcing the initiative. "Because they have football."

To help change that, Nike and the NFL have pledged $5 million to help make women's flag football a varsity sport.

In the meantime, Nike and the NFL have combined their efforts on Nike's 11-Online website, where people can vote to bring varsity flag football to their states and where NFL coaches share some of their drills and exercises with young athletes hoping to improve their skills.

It is here that Zaler walks viewers through a range of dynamic warmup exercises to get them ready for a full workout. The NFL also features videos from NFL Network's Colleen Wolfe, Rams assistant strength and conditioning coach Chelsea Romero, Washington assistant running backs coach Jennifer King, Browns chief of staff Callie Brownson and former 49ers offensive assistant Katie Sowers.

Zaler and her colleagues will also be featured in a Nike film that puts the spotlight on women and girls who are making new paths forward in the sport for its "Stronger Than One" series.

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