Denver Broncos | FIT Summer Training

Broncos FIT Summer Training Goals

Super Bowl Goal

Super Bowl Goal

Run or walk three miles per week to celebrate each of the three Broncos World Championships.

AFC Championship Goal

AFC Championship Goal

Run or walk eight miles per week to celebrate each of the eight Broncos AFC Championships.

Phillip Lindsay Goal

Phillip Lindsay Goal

Hike a total of 27.9 miles (the distance between Empower Field at Mile High and Folsom Field, University of Colorado) before the start of Broncos Camp.

Von Miller Goal

Von Miller Goal

Bike a total of 58 miles before the start of Broncos Camp.

Fit Challenges

Bradley Chubb Goal

Complete each of the Broncos Fit Challenges and each of the Broncos Fit Home Workouts.

Team Roster

Player Pushups Goal

Choose a Broncos player and do their jersey number's worth of pushups once in the morning and once in the evening each day until Broncos Camp.

Steve Atwater HOF Goal

Steve Atwater HOF Goal

Complete at least 27 minutes of physical activity 5 days a week.

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