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Seat Improvement Opportunities
The Denver Broncos are pleased to offer online upgrade opportunities for renewing customers. This service will allow season ticket holders to view all available inventory based on non-renewed locations from the 2017 season. To be eligible for seat upgrades, accounts must submit their 1st half payment by the March 16, 2018 deadline AND refrain from posting any of their game tickets for resale on NFL Ticket Exchange [early online postings will remove the upgrade function from accounts.]

As always, this service will be made available to customers in priority number order, allowing our longest tenured accounts the first opportunity to relocate their seats.

Once eligible for this service, customers can log in to their account via Account Manager to view all available seating options. This process will invite season ticket holders to join each week, based on their account priority and permits all active online users the ability to exchange their seats themselves.

To use this comprehensive service to relocate your existing season ticket locations, please review the upgrade schedule listed below. Your priority number is located on the invoice portion of Account Manager.
Customers upgrading into a higher priced seating zone will be responsible for any price differential before the final renewal deadline [June 1, 2018.]
Season Ticket Holders requiring seat relocation to an ADA designated area may call the Denver Broncos ADA Hotline during their eligible upgrade time period [720.258.3337]. Requests will be reviewed in order of receipt.
Customers requesting to sit with other season ticket holders may begin their online search for seat improvement once the higher priority number becomes eligible for this service.
Please make sure your web browser is up to date with the latest version of Adobe Flash to use this online seat upgrade tool.
Customers may also contact the Denver Broncos Ticket Office by phone during their allotted time period to request seat improvement. These voicemail requests will be returned in order of receipt and will be filled using the same inventory visible to online users. If utilizing this service, please call 720.258.3397 and leave a brief message outlining your request. Include a return phone number and a Ticket Representative will respond with relocation options that fit your request. For your protection, only the season ticket holder of record can accept/decline a verbal offer.
Seat Improvement Opportunities Schedule
If you are planning to take advantage of the 2018 Seat Improvement Opportunity, please wait until after your upgrade date and time to manage any of your Season Tickets. Accounts that manage their tickets ahead of their Seat Improvement Opportunity date and time will NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO UPGRADE THEIR SEATS.

This includes:
Viewing your ticket [QR code]
Sending your tickets to a friend or family member
Posting your tickets on the NFL TICKET EXCHANGE
Donating your tickets to a charitable partner

Priority Number Date Time (MDT)
1-1000 Monday, April 23 9am
1001-2000 Monday, April 23 11am
2001-3000 Monday, April 23 2pm
3001-4000 Tuesday, April 24 9am
4001-5000 Tuesday, April 24 11am
5001-6000 Tuesday, April 24 2pm
6001-7000 Wednesday, April 25 9am
7001-8000 Wednesday, April 25 11am
8001-9000 Wednesday, April 25 2pm
9001-10,000 Thursday, April 26 9am
10,001-11,000 Thursday, April 26 11am
11,001-12,000 Thursday, April 26 2pm
12,001-13,000 Friday, April 27 9am
13,001-14,000 Friday, April 27 11am
14,001-15,000 Friday, April 27 2pm
15,001-16,000 Monday, April 30 9am
16,001-17,000 Monday, April 30 11am
17,001-18,000 Monday, April 30 2pm
18,001-19,000 Tuesday, May 1 9am
19,001-20,000 Tuesday, May 1 11am
20,001-20,500 Tuesday, May 1 2pm
20,501-21,000 Wednesday, May 2 9am
21,001-21,500 Wednesday, May 2 11am
21,501-22,000 Wednesday, May 2 2pm
22,001-22,500 Thursday, May 3 9am
22,501+ Thursday, May 3 11am