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The Squeeze: Domata Peko Sr. competes on 'MVP: Most Valuable Performer'

Posted Jan 26, 2018

A concentrated look at the recent juice on the Denver Broncos.

1. From tackles to tunes

Nose tackle Domata Peko Sr. starred in CBS's "MVP: Most Valuable Performer" talent show Thursday, and even though he didn't win, his performance of Bob Marley's "Waiting in Vain" was stunning.

2. Pro Bowl festivities

Von Miller and Aqib Talib are having a blast in Orlando, Florida, during the week of Pro Bowl practice. Miller particularly had a good time at the Skills Showdown when he got to show off his arm after the Precision Passing challenge.


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3. World travelers

Broncos linebackers Corey Nelson, Todd Davis and Zaire Anderson went on vacation to Thailand together, and as the photos show, it must have been an incredible experience.

When in Thailand. 

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Greetings from Thailand . Sawatdikap 

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