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Siemian Says: Fourth-quarter scare a learning moment

Posted Sep 12, 2017

Also, Siemian said he's not eager to go one-on-one with Joey Bosa in the open field again, in spite of his touchdown run against him.

DENVER — After helping build a commanding 24-7 lead in the first three quarters, Trevor Siemian almost watched it slip out of his hands.


The Broncos held on for the 24-21 win, and Siemian walked away happy being 1-0 and happy he and the offense can learn from the nearly disastrous fourth quarter.

"I've learned pretty quickly nothing's certain, especially when you're playing a guy like Philip Rivers on the other sideline,” Siemian said. "Down the stretch there, offensively we wish we would have made a few more plays to help our defense out, but, shoot, a win's a win. We'll take it however we can get it."

The strongest moments of Siemian's night were on the long drives, which included six third-down conversions by his arm, two touchdown passes, a rushing touchdown and a few other impressive scrambles.

Though Siemian's runs through traffic were a little harrowing for his coaches, the second-year quarterback said his decisions to take off were with one goal in mind.

"You want to win. That's the bottom line," Siemian said. "I think obviously with [Chargers DE Joey] Bosa and [Chargers OLB Melvin] Ingram on the other side, even if you're not moving around, they're moving you off your spot and trying to make you uncomfortable. They're as good as it gets. Just decided to do it a couple times here and there, but up front those guys did a heck of a job. I mean, you're talking about one of the best fronts in football, I think. Our guys up front did a heck of a job."

The touchdown run was perhaps the most stunning because he shook Bosa at the goal line, but Siemian was quick to shy away from compliments.

"I think Joey got me one other time, so I think we'll call it even," Siemian said. "But we'll see him again, so I'm sure I don't want to see myself in that situation where it's me and him too often, but glad to get there, for sure."

But as fun as the scrambles were, the third-down conversions were just as important.

"Obviously when you're talking about third downs, you're talking about protection and blitz packages, different looks like that, and I thought our offensive line did a really good job handling those," Siemian said. "Then our tight ends and Bennie [Fowler III] stepped up. Those guys did a good job trying to take away D.T. [Demaryius Thomas] and Emmanuel [Sanders], so that was kind of an adjustment we had to make on the fly. But I credit the guys up front, for sure."

Ultimately Siemian came away with a nearly complete game. There were a few miscues, but he finished with 219 passing yards and two touchdowns. In addition to the stats, Siemian simply looked more comfortable.

"I think it's an 11-man operation, plus [Offensive Coordinator] Coach [Mike] McCoy and the whole staff," Siemian said. "I think we feel really good about where we're at. We did some good things. Obviously, the red zone we want to clean up and finishing the game, I think we can do a better job there. But like I said, it feels good to win and beat a divisional opponent at home, and then go back and say, 'Hey, shoot, we can fix some of these things, too.'"

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