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The Squeeze: The scientific advantage of SAFAMH

Posted Jan 23, 2016

A concentrated look at recent juice on the Broncos.

Happy Saturday, #BroncosCountry –
You have to wait just one more sleep until the Broncos host the Patriots, but in the meantime, here are a couple things to get caught up on, starting with Denver’s home-field advantage:
1. The science behind the ‘Mile High Magic’
The Broncos fought at the end of season for home-field advantage, not only for their screaming fans on defense, and the quiet while on offense, but for the elevation at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.
The home of the Broncos is the only NFL stadium 5,280 feet above sea level, which dwarfs Gillette Stadium’s 257 feet of elevation. That’s a difference of three and a half Empire State Buildings.
ESPN’s Sport Science broke down just what makes the Mile High City one of the best home fields:

2. The Hulk aka DeMarcus Ware

We’re betting DeMarcus is going to come out the tunnel just like this on Sunday:

If this mural ain't one the coolest things I've seen. Much respect #GammaGallery

A photo posted by Demarcus Ware (@demarcusware) on

3. In case you missed it …