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    The first day of the 2018 league year will end at 11:59:59 p.m., New York time, on March 14. Clubs will receive a personnel notice that will include all transactions submitted to the league office during the period between 4:00 p.m., New York time, and 11:59:59 p.m., New York time, on March 14.

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That's What He Said: Seahawks Postgame

Posted Aug 17, 2013

Postgame quotes from Head Coach John Fox and players.

Broncos Head Coach John Fox

On injuries
Derek Wolfe, neck. Whether he returns with us on our charter – we are waiting on word of that. So far the tests that we have gotten the results of have been negative so, so far so good. We will keep him in our prayers. Stewart Bradley left the game with a left wrist injury. Wes Welker with a right ankle sprain, Vasquez left knee and Champ Bailey left foot.”

On Wolfe
“I don’t want to say something that I’m not sure of yet but the x-rays were fine the CT scan was fine, they are still evaluating the MRI so the results of both of those tests are positive – as far as good news – so we’ll see as it goes forward. I don’t want to jump to any results right yet, until its finalized.”

On the game being a ‘big whoop’
“Well it’s all a big whoop because you are out there to compete. I think there were some positives. We had some multi-play drives that ate up clock and yardage. Unfortunately we didn’t get the results as far as scores but that was I think positive from a week ago. Like I told our team, when you are minus four, you’re going to win 10 percent of your games. When you’re playing a good team, you’re going to win zero percent. So we’ve got that to look at, ball security being something that we’ll continue to work. It’s hard to work in practice because you’re not live hitting but it’s something that we’ll have to definitely emphasize.”

Quarterback Peyton Manning

On long drives and turnovers
“It definitely weighs the heaviest in a game like this. Any time that leads to points – two 14-point swings on a kick return and fumble recovery that took a total of 20 seconds – those are game-changing plays. They are hard to overcome. We’ll learn from it. Those are correctable mistakes. Ronnie did some good things getting down there, made some good runs. He is competing, trying to get in the end zone. He’ll learn from it. You don’t want to every reach the ball over on first, second or third down. Only on fourth down. That’s something he’ll learn from. Julius (Thomas) made some good plays. He is competing. Julius hasn’t been hit in quite a while – not making excuses, but it was hopefully good to get those out of both their systems. We can learn from those.”

On getting work in different situations
“We had a few of those, we did. We had some third-down conversions, had some red-zone work. Wes (Welker) made a good play getting in the end zone. We had a good drive going on the other one, just had an unfortunate play there. I thought we had some tempo. Loud crowd noise and had some communication at the line that I felt like we were on the same page. Everybody got the audibles, got the checks. When you get beat with the score as bad as it is, it was bad. But you do try to find a couple of positive that you can build off of. We’ll certainly learn from the negative plays as well.”

On whether the loss will be good for the team in the long term given lofty expectations
“I think our team needs to improve and needs to use this week to get better. We have a long way to go. I don’t know who made those predications and what weight those really carry, but we had a lot of things that we need to fix and correct. I do think there are things that are correctable, but we have to do it. We can’t just keep saying we have to correct it, we have to go and do it. We have to get a few guys that have been injured back on the field. I know I’ve talked before about forming your identity and forming the chemistry of this team. We haven’t had all of our players at full speed. So hopefully that can start a little bit more this week. There were a few injuries tonight, but we still have work we need to put in and some improvements that I feel like we need to make. I know the coaches will harp on that all week and as players, we have to respond to those.”

Wide Reciever Wes Welker

On if it feels good to have a touchdown catch as a Bronco
“Absolutely. Any time you can get a few plays in and get a few catches, kind of get moving around and in a groove, in the feel of the offense and things like that, it’s a good deal. Unfortunately it’s not really what we’re looking for from a team perspective. There’s a lot of stuff we need to work on and get better at. But we’ll get there.”
On whether it’s positive that the offense moved the ball before turnovers
“I think there’s some positives that you can take away from it, but there are a lot of negative things that I think we can take away from the game and get better at. Be glad it happened during the preseason. It’s something we can fix now and get ready for the regular season.”
On what the team needs to work on
“Just the attention to detail and everybody just being on the same page and being where we’re supposed to be and doing their assignments. Be on top of all that stuff. Those are the main things. But the number one thing is going to be the turnovers – make sure we’re on top of that.”

Lineback Wesley Woodyard

On Wolfe
“I did hear word that he’s flying back with us, so that’s always great to hear that.”
On having to play after a teammate is carried off in an ambulance
“It always affects your psyche and your mentality out there. Sometimes it affects your speed of the game, but we’ve just got to continue to push through – that next-man-up mentality. We definitely have to work on that. It’s always tough seeing a guy go down like that. Hopefully we’ll get him back soon.”
On seeing Wolfe down on the field
“It’s tough. Knowing this guy for going on two years now and going through camp with him, he’s like a brother. It’s like seeing a family member out there on that football field. You never want to see anything bad happen to anybody like that at all.”

Cornerback Chris Harris

On the team’s slow start
“Oh yeah. We’ve definitely been tested each week and it’s early. We’ve just got to come out and start faster. There are things that we know we put on the field today that we could improve on. That’s why we play the preseason, so we can get all the bad junk out and be able to come back ready on September 5th.”

On what the defense needs to improve on
“Just coming out and attacking as a defense. Not catching. Last year, we were definitely an attacking defense first and that’s just something we’ve just got to get back to.”

On preparing for situations where the offense goes three-and-out
“As a defense, we always have to be ready for long drives - other teams getting long drives, and being able to be out there on the field. We know Peyton and them, they’re going to get first downs, but there are going to be drives where they just go three-and-out, too. That’s where we just have to be there to pick each other up.”

Running back Ronnie Hillman

On what he’ll try to work on from the game
“Just situations where you know you don’t have to make the extra effort for the goal line because it’s not fourth down. You just go watch film and learn from it.’

On the turnovers
“We just had a lot of turnovers. I had one, we had an interception and a couple of other things. We’ve just got to hone down on our craft and get better.”

On whether he thought he had scored on the goal line fumble
“Yeah, I thought I was over the goal line but any time anything comes loose you don’t want it picked up by anyone but us. But I should have held onto the ball and just work on it next week.”