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Q & A With Offensive Line Coach Dave Magazu

Posted Oct 15, 2011

DenverBroncos.com sat down with Offensive Line Coach Dave Magazu to hear his take on the unit's play before the bye week.

How has the offensive line improved in recent weeks?
“I think our last two weeks have been pretty good as far as becoming more consistent, playing well as a unit and not just as individuals. I've been fairly pleased with the progress and the improvement especially in the last two weeks versus Green Bay and San Diego.”
Do you see J.D. Walton and Zane Beadles improving each game?
“Yeah. We play as a unit. Obviously some guys can have a particular game where they play better, but I'm more interested in how we play as a unit. I think J.D. has made great progress and I think Beadles has as well. If you look at the Oakland game and compare that to the San Diego game, there's really no comparison. You like to see the progress that's being made.”

How has Chris Kuper's leadership helped the offensive line?
“I think he does a great job. He's a leader on the football field, in the locker room, in our meeting room. He's been doing a great job of helping with the development of Orlando Franklin.”
How has Orlando Franklin played thus far in his rookie season?
“I've coached rookie tackles before, and I think the progress he's made is really pretty impressive. Early in the season and during camp, things were moving really quick. The thing that's exciting about Orlando is when you see his growth as far as just making little adjustments to his own game, as the game's going on. That's a big step for the young guy.”
How has Ryan Clady improved this season?
“Ryan's obviously an outstanding football player. Where he's improved is, he's developing his game from a run aspect, he's becoming more of a contributor in the run game and not just being that left tackle guy that protects the quarterback. I thought he had his best game last week as far as a run blocker, so it is coming together. He's got that natural ability to be a pass protector because he's so long and he has balance and he's a good athlete. He's really done a nice job and he's worked hard at it, and you're starting to see some of the results.”
Are run blocking and pass blocking are entirely different skill sets?
“I think so. I don't think anything we do up front is something that guys are born to do -- everything from footwork to body position and playing with a bend in your knees and all that. So, it is a little bit different.”
With Tim Tebow being named the stater, are there any adjustments the line has to make for a left-handed quarterback?
“No. I don't anticipate us changing doing what we do. I think one of the ways you become more consistent as an offense or as an offensive line is try to maintain some consistency. So you can get good at something and continue to improve every week. That's our goal right now.”
Does having a mobile quarterback change anything for the offensive line?
“No. I think you've got to protect whether it's you, me or whoever's playing quarterback. I think sometimes there's good and bad to that. Yeah, there's guys that can escape and sometimes if those guys start running around you don't know where they are. I don't see us changing our pass protection philosophy as an offense or anything like that. We're just going to continue to do what we do and continue to try and get better every week.”
Does the line takes more pride in having a 100-yard rusher or allowing zero sacks in a game?
“The bottom line is we're trying to win football games. All (those stats) are nice. It's a whole lot better when you win a football game. All those stats and stuff  -- we really don't spend a lot of time looking at them. I think that what they take pride in is when you put work on the film and you're executing -- because they know what we're trying to accomplish and how we want to do it -- I think they get satisfaction out of seeing themselves execute what we're trying to do in basically doing their job. I think that's as much reward, because obviously you want to win, that's what the whole thing boils down to. Doesn't matter if you throw for 500 or rush for 500. Bottom line is get the win and there's where the satisfaction comes. As an individual, how are you performing, what are you doing to contribute to a win? I think that's the bottom line."
How are you enjoying being back in Denver?
“I've enjoyed it. We've lived here in the past, the most important thing is my wife enjoys it and my kids enjoy it. My wife and I, we've lived in Colorado before so we knew what to expect. I was surprised at the snow last week, but it's fine. The kids thought that was fantastic. It's good and it's a great organization to work for, I got a great room of guys to work with, so it's fun.”