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Gameday Online: Goodman Q&A

Posted Sep 22, 2011

Cornerback Andre' Goodman is looking forward to contributing to an improved defense throughout the 2011 season.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Now in his 10th NFL season, Andre' Goodman knows what it takes to have success on defense, and the veteran cornerback is excited about the direction the Broncos' defense is heading in the initial stages of the 2011 campaign.

What's been different about defensive coordinator Dennis Allen and his approach?

"Just the discipline of it. You speak about being aggressive and more times than not, when you're aggressive it's easy to make mistakes. So, within that aggressiveness you have to remember to be disciplined."

After missing time with injury last season, how hopeful are you that you'll be able to play a full season?

"I would love to play 16 games this year-and play 16 quality games this year-and not just show what I can do but contribute to the defense."

Will this defense be better against the run this season?

"Honestly, because I'm a confident guy, I would never go into a game thinking I didn't have a great chance to beat any opponent -- that's my honest opinion. I think there's a new attitude of the defense. We have new personnel, a new coaching staff, new scheme, and you like to start fresh; you like to put a good product on the floor."

How much does the Broncos' improved pass rush help you out in the secondary?

"I've never played on a team with such a dynamic duo (Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil) on the edge and it only enhances my play so I'm looking forward to it all season."

Was there a quiet confidence about this defense coming into the season despite the disappointment of last year?

"Yeah, and that's never going to waver. The confidence never wavers its just a matter of being disciplined and making sure everyone is doing their job and is on the same page. Confidence is not going to be our problem - I will say that."

What are you looking to see from the team in the early stages of the regular season?

"I'm looking forward to the new product that we are putting on the field. I want to see that new identity on both sides of the ball and see how we mesh together."

You get to see Kyle Orton and Brandon Lloyd up-close in practice every day - does it appear to you that they've strengthened their great chemistry?

"The way they are working together - B. Lloyd is a tough cover man, and Kyle is just putting the ball where you can't get to it and you know Brandon is going to come down with it. They look exceptional and I look forward to seeing them doing it against somebody else."

How close is this team to the playoffs?

"It's hard to say because I've been on teams where you have a hot preseason or come off a good year, and then you flame out during the season. But I feel good about the guys we have on this team and I feel like as long as we do things the right way - the way coaches are asking us to do it - the sky is limit."