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Posted Aug 18, 2011

Tim Tebow said he has plenty of goals for the second preseason game of 2011, the foremost of which is leading the offense to touchdowns.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- This Saturday, the Broncos will take to their home field for the first time in 2011 -- the inaugural game of the newly named Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

While Tim Tebow is excited to get in front of the hometown faithful, his main concern is putting together a better performance on the field.

“Number one is to try and put the offense in the end zone," Tebow said. "Last week we had to settle for two field goals, so try to improve on that, and one throw I missed on a backside comeback last week so to improve on that. Try to be accurate with my passes, get away from center, and make all the right reads and decisions. I felt pretty good about my reads and decisions last week, so try to continue with that, and then to be a great leader out there, be someone that the guys want to play for.”

Against Dallas in the preseason opener, Tebow completed six of his seven passes for 91 yards and added 15 yards on the ground, leading drives that led to two Matt Prater field goals.

But his game might be best remembered for a play that resulted in three penalties -- an illegal forward pass, a block in the back and an ineligble receiver downfield.

On third-and-goal, Tebow ran to his left under pressure, but stopped short of the sideline, stiff-armed a defender and sprinted back across the field to his right. He lofted a pass to Britt Davis, who hauled it in at the 5-yard line. In the end, all three penalties were declined since the Broncos were still short of the goal-line, and the play went onto the stat sheet as a completion for Tebow -- but he still took a little heat watching it back on tape.

“Well, in the QB room I got fined for it, because I had three penalties in one play," Tebow smiled. "But there were a lot of laughs, and some jokes talking about why I didn’t throw it away or step out of bounds, but we had fun with it, and I had fun on the play.”

The quarterback said that's an example of him not holding anything back, having fun and competing -- "and when I do that, I feel like I play my best," he said.

He explained that he understood the circumstances when he tried the circus play -- with the ball easily in field goal range, he knew that even if he ended up taking a sack the ball would still be well within Prater's range.

"That was an opportunity where I really believed that if I take a chance and make a play, we’re either going to score or we’ll still be in field goal range," he said. "I think it wasn’t necessarily bad decision-making. Although maybe be smarter in preseason and not try to run all the way around.”

But running one way, reversing field and throwing on the run aside, Tebow said one of his top priorities this Saturday is making sure he makes the right reads in his second preseason game of the season.

“That’s what I meant when I said decision-making, progression of reads, knowing when to get off a receiver and when to stay on a receiver, who am I going to first, different things like that based on the coverage," he said. "Honestly, I’d probably put that up there at one or two. That’s huge.”


After Thursday morning's practice, Head Coach John Fox said defensive tackle Ty Warren will have surgery next Tuesday to repair his injured triceps.

As for what that means for Warren's 2011 season, Fox said it's still up in the air.

“I think it will be a day-to-day process," he said. "We’ll listen to our medical people. Obviously, it’s a surgically repaired triceps tendon, and we’ll just go from there. What that brings moving forward, he’s not going to be on I.R. (Injured Reserve) at this point, so nothing’s really ruled out moving forward."


In addition to his excitement for this Saturday's preseason home opener, Tebow talked about a reported "bounty" placed on his head when he led the Gators against the University of Miami -- a development revealed in a report surrounding a Hurricanes booster.

"I didn't know about that," Tebow said, adding that he hopes no one collected on the bounty as Florida won, 26-3. "That’s unfortunate that some people would do that, but I don’t think that all the Miami Hurricane players went out there to hurt me or anything, because I had quite a few friends on that team as well. I think there were a lot of good players on that team and good kids on that team.”