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Dawkins Breaks it Down

Posted Aug 24, 2011

Brian Dawkins discusses the quarterbacks, the defense and some of his fellow defensive backs.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Today, the media gathered around Brian Dawkins after practice as the Denver quarterbacks walked into the locker room without being stopped for interviews.

Even Dawkins had to admit it was an unusual sight at Dove Valley.

“It comes with the territory,” Dawkins said. “We all know that’s the position that gets too much of the credit and too much of the blame a lot of the time. There’s been an emphasis for so many years. There was always something going on with (former teammate in Philadelphia QB) Donovan (McNabb) for whatever reason, so I’m used to always having cameras talking to the quarterbacks all the time.”

Dawkins went on to discuss the competition in practice among the quarterbacks listed behind starter Kyle Orton, and he insisted each member of that attention-grabbing position group is solely focused on getting better every time out.

“Competition is what this game is all about,” Dawkins said. “You’re not going to always have your best games every week, but you’re going to put your best foot forward. He’s (Tim Tebow) going to continue to do that. All those guys are going to continue to do that. Everybody just wants to talk about Tim. It’s not just Tim. All those guys are trying to do the same thing—put their best foot forward and try to learn the game as they go.”

After some discussion on the offense, Dawkins touched on his line of work defensively.

The safety said he likes what he’s seen thus far from his defense although it is just the early stages of a season-long process.

“We’re building,” Dawkins said. “We started off at the right place. Everybody is running to the ball, getting to the ball with an attitude. We’re not the only defense that is saying that. It’s one thing to say it, and it’s another thing to do it on a consistent basis. We have to continue to do those things on a consistent basis and see where we end up.”


Veteran cornerback Andre’ Goodman has been a consistent, reliable performer for the Broncos throughout his time with the franchise, and Dawkins was asked why he thinks Goodman hasn’t received more acclaim for his production.

The answer from Dawkins was a simple one.

“You’ve got Champ Bailey,” he said.

“When you’ve got someone that’s done what he’s done for so long, been at the top of his game for as long as he’s been there consistently, you’re going to talk about Champ. That’s no slide on ‘Dre at all. We know what he brings to the table. I know what I have when he lines up outside. He has complete and total confidence from me that he’s going to get the job done, but on the other side you’ve got Champ. So it is what it is in that sense.”


Dawkins knows what it’s like for young safeties in the NFL -- they want to establish themselves with a physical presence while staying within the rigid player safety rules.

So when rookie Safety Rahim Moore delivered a devastating blow to Buffalo wide receiver Donald Jones last week – a hit that drew a unnecessary roughness flag --  Dawkins made sure to lend some advice.

“Continue to play your game; lower your target just a little bit and play football,” Dawkins said, referring to the words he shared with Moore. “Those plays are going to happen from time to time. He already knows, but I told him that I got hit with a 50-thousand-dollar fine from that same type of a hit running full speed. It’s one thing to be playing in slow motion and have hit somebody, and it’s another thing to be full speed and hit somebody. It’s a moving target.

“It’s just one of those tough dynamics that usually the back-end guys have to face, and usually the safeties have to deal with that thing over and over again. You have to go out there and play this game a certain way. Its full speed and you make decisions as you go.”