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Darrent Williams' Rookie Journal Week 3

Posted Aug 17, 2005

The rookie cornerback reflects on his first NFL preseason game and looks ahead to Saturday's preseason home opener against San Francisco.

 "I can't wait to play in front of these fans."

Editor's Note: This is the last edition of Darrent's rookie journal.

WilliamsvSmithUSE_081705.jpgIt felt good being out there on the field in Houston. It was my first NFL game and I was so nervous at first.  But then I calmed down and reminded myself that it’s still football.  I just play with better athletes now.  I feel like I’m one of the better athletes, too.  As soon as I settled down, it felt great.

My family, friends and coaches thought I did a pretty good job.  I thought I did pretty well, too, but I’m not where I want to be.  I think I can play better than that.  I made some mistakes, but I thought for my first NFL game I played pretty good.  But I can always get better.

Even if I did have a good game, I’m back to carrying pads for the veterans.  Like they say, the preseason doesn’t count and they’re going to treat me like a rookie for the rest of the year.  Even though we’re all cool with each other, I’m still going to get the rookie treatment.

In preparation for San Francisco, I’m going to watch more film and pay more attention to detail.  A lot of things Houston did in the game, they did during practice.  It was things they’d already shown us, but I just didn’t pay as much attention as I should have.  If I would have, I could have made more plays in the game.  So that’s one area I will be focusing on for the preseason home opener. 

My game jitters will calm down for this second game because I know what to expect now.  Plus, we’ll be at home this time and the fans will be behind us instead of talking about us like in Houston.  I have butterflies, but not as much as last week. 

Playing in front of the Denver crowd is going to be great though.  I can’t wait to play in front of these fans.  I talked to some of the fans when I signed autographs after practice yesterday and they were congratulating me and telling me I had a good game.  I can’t wait to show the Denver fans what I can do in person.

Keep your eye on me, keep your eye on my teammates and keep rooting for the Broncos!