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  • Occupation: Student
  • Hometown: Aurora, CO
  • Tenure: 2
  • College: Colorado State University



Colorado State University

Nik, Nik-Nik, Cole

Aurora, CO




Colorado State University

Nik, Nik-Nik, Cole

Aurora, CO

What would fans be surprised to know about you?
Fans would be surprised to know that I am a little bit of a daredevil. I have skydived twice, bungee jumped off of the Royal Gorge and parasailed in Hawaii!

What has been your favorite Broncos moment?
My favorite Broncos moment so far would have to be the moment my number got called at final auditions. It was the moment my lifelong dream came true and I knew my life was changed forever! That’s a feeling I will never forget.

Any hidden talents or tricks you can do?
The closest thing I have to a hidden talent would be being able to make that shamrock shape with my tongue.

When did you first start dancing / cheerleading?
At 4 years old.

Pet peeve
When people drag their feet when they walk.

Zodiac sign

Favorite TV Shows
I have a weakness for reality TV.

Favorite time of year
It’s a toss-up between summer and winter. Winter time in Colorado is so beautiful but summer is tied for first since Colorado has so many fun outdoor activities and sunshine!

Reading, running, hiking, watching movies, spending time with friends and family

Favorite quote
“Be your own kind of beautiful.” –Marilyn Monroe. I love it because I think it is important for each person to find what makes them uniquely beautiful.

Song for the first dance ever learned was?
Tiny Toes! It was my first ballet when I was 4 years old.

Favorite style of dance
I love any type of dance that gets the crowd pumped up. When they’re having fun, I’m having fun!

Favorite meal or restaurant
Macaroni and cheese! Any day, anytime, anywhere.

Favorite junk food
Chocolate chip cookies

Bad habit I'm trying to break
Being a little bit of a procrastinator

What I love most about my fellow DBC's?
I love how much of a well-rounded group they all are. It’s amazing to be surrounded by a group of women where each individual offers something unique to the team. It allows us all to learn and grow together.

In ten years, I see myself...
Happily married, with kids, enjoying my life and pursuing my career in accounting!

In three words, my driving is described as...
Pedal to-the Metal (counts as 3, right?)

# of siblings
One older brother

Dream vacation location
Bora Bora! Or anywhere with those huts in the middle of the beautiful clear ocean.

If I won the lottery, the most ridiculous thing I would buy is...
My own island!

Three things I always have in my fridge
Yogurt, chicken, and fruit!

Favorite 80's or 90's song
Definitely something N*Sync or Britney Spears

What is your passion besides dancing?
Helping others! I always want everyone around me to be happy.

Dogs or Cats?

Craziest or most memorable Halloween costume
One year, when I was young, I went as the grim-reaper. It was very memorable because all my other years I went as princesses and brides or anything else girly and happy, so that year was different to say the least…