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  • Occupation: Photographer
  • Hometown: Boulder, CO
  • Tenure: 4
  • College: Art Institute of Colorado


Professional Photographer- Owner of Kendal Claire Photography

Art Institute of Colorado

Ken Doll

Boulder Colorado



Professional Photographer- Owner of Kendal Claire Photography

Art Institute of Colorado

Ken Doll

Boulder Colorado

What would fans be surprised to know about you?
I’m a big goof ball! I love joking around and laughing and making sure to never take life too seriously.

What has been your favorite Broncos moment?
I can’t just pick one! Top 5 would be my name called to be on the team, first home game, AFC Championship, Super Bowl, and dancing in Hong Kong for the NY Parade!

What is your favorite part of being a Denver Broncos Cheerleader veteran?
My favorite part about being a DBC Vet is having a better understanding of game day and what to expect during the season. So now as a vet I can be more focused on being present and in the moment, soaking it all in, and being a leader for the Rookies.

Favorite current or all-time dance song
Current – “Sugar” Maroon 5 and Oldie - “Old Time Rock N’ Roll” Bob Segar

When did you first start dancing / cheerleading?
I started taking dance classes around the age of 4 (ballet and tap) and have been dancing ever since.

Pet peeve
People who chew loudly

Zodiac sign

Favorite movie
Dirty Dancing

Favorite TV Shows
Currently in love with Homeland and Game of Thrones

Favorite time of year
I am absolutely a summer girl!

I love being outdoors! Being a Colorado native we were always playing outside – hiking, biking, camping, jeeping, and traveling.

Funniest question you've gotten as a dancer / cheerleader
Do you like it?

Favorite quote
I just found this quote the other month and loved it so much that it’s now posted on my fridge - “ What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create.” Buddha

Song for the first dance ever learned was?
When I was 4 I did a tap dance to “Knock Three Times” Tony Orlando

Favorite style of dance
DBC Style of course!

All-time favorite dance routine you've done?
It’s hard to beat the Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk” dance we did in Hong Kong at the Chinese NY Parade. I’m sure Ill remember that one forever!

Favorite meal or restaurant
I love going to Woody’s in Golden! Best pizza in the state! Yum!

Favorite junk food
Anything and everything dessert. If it has chocolate I’m sold!

Bad habit I'm trying to break
I think it’s a new habit for most of us, but I am trying to cut back on social media and phone usage. Making sure to consciously put my phone down throughout the day and be present.

Three people on twitter I follow
Oprah, John Elway, and Kenny Chesney

What I love most about my fellow DBC's?
What is there not to love? Seriously the 25 women on the team ever year inspire me and impress me every day. I love that we are all not only talented in athletics and dance but we all are passionate and driven outside of Broncos with our own carriers and education! We support each other, encourage each other, and are great friends on and off the field.

I'd walk a mile to meet...
My grand parents I never got a chance to know.

In ten years, I see myself...
In ten years I see myself living with my husband and two dogs on the beach or in the mountains with 2-3 children. Continuing to run my Photography business and hopefully travel around the world for it. And of course continuing to route for the best team in the NFL – DENVER BRONCOS!

Past accomplishment I'm really proud of is...
Last summer I grew my own garden and was shocked at how well it turned out! I ended up harvesting over 15 different fruits and veggies.

In three words, my driving is described as...
Pretty darn good ;) My husband might say otherwise

# of siblings
1 amazing older brother named Kyle

Dream vacation location
New Zealand

If I won the lottery, the most ridiculous thing I would buy is...
An island

Three things I always have in my fridge
Fruit, Cholula, and La Croix

Favorite 80's or 90's song
I am a big oldies fan and I love 80’s and 90’s music so picking one is hard but a classic that I love is - “I Want to Dance with Somebody” Whitney Houston

Most interesting class You've ever taken?
When I was in college I took a History of Fashion class that I really loved. I found it incredible how much society changes each year and decade and how we often always revert back to past styles.

Best subject in school was...
I loved my high school Photography classes. They made me passionate about making it my career.

What is your passion besides dancing?
Photography. I went to school to get my BA in photography and now I currently own and operate my own photography business called Kendal Claire Photography. I absolutely believe that if you love what you do and you do what you love you will never work a day in your life!

Dogs or Cats?
Always been a dog lover! I have two named Kenna and Finn.

Craziest or most memorable Halloween costume
My most memorable and maybe craziest costume was when I was 8 my mom made me a dice costume out of a card board box

New Year's resolution you make every year and break soon after
I always say I need to eat better and reduce my dessert intake. Doesn’t last much longer than a week!