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  • Occupation: Hospitality Management
  • Hometown: Tampa, FL
  • Tenure: 3
  • College: University of Central Florida


Dance Teacher

University of Central Florida— Go Knights!


Tampa, FL



Dance Teacher

University of Central Florida— Go Knights!


Tampa, FL

What would fans be surprised to know about you?
I have a not-so-great history with animals. I’ve been stung by a stingray and bit by both a zebra and a duck!

What has been your favorite Broncos moment?
As a DBC, my favorite moment is dancing through the tunnel and onto the field to start the game! The fans fill the stadium in a sea of orange, Thunder gallops around the field, Miles pumps up the crowd, the Thunderstorm jump in from the clouds, you can feel the adrenaline from the players and coaches… and the whole time, you are doing what you love with your best friends!

What is your favorite part of being a Denver Broncos Cheerleader veteran?
I have a better sense of what to expect! I’m able to be fully present in the moment because I’ve experienced it before.

Any hidden talents or tricks you can do?
I’m learning to play the ukelele! Does that count?

When did you first start dancing / cheerleading?
3 years old

Pet peeve
It really drives me crazy when people know how to spell my name, but they spell it incorrectly because it’s easier for them!

Zodiac sign

Favorite movie
Ace Venture: Pet Detective and Remember the Titans (I used to pretend I was the character Sheryl Yoast every time I went to the field for my dad’s practices)

Favorite TV Shows
Gilmore Girls

Favorite time of year

Yoga, hiking, beach volleyball, paddle boarding, wake boarding, surfing… Really anything outside, in the sun or in the water :)

Funniest question you've gotten as a dancer / cheerleader
“Does your face ever hurt from smiling so much?”

Favorite quote
“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” -Maya Angelou

Song for the first dance ever learned was?
I don’t remember the name of the song, but I know I walked around the stage in a circle while holding up an American flag.

Favorite style of dance
Hip Hop or Tap

All-time favorite dance routine you've done?
My former hip hop crew competed at Hip Hop International in 2011. The routine we did was really high energy and featured house, locking, vogueing, waacking, and popping!

Favorite meal or restaurant
Breakfast from The Universal

Favorite junk food
Chips & Salsa from El Camino

Bad habit I'm trying to break
My addiction to coffee

Three people on twitter I follow
@BroncosOffField, @REI, @MaseDenver

What I love most about my fellow DBC's?
If I’m being honest, they are all way more fashionable than I am… It’s like I have personal stylists for everything! But really, the women on this team push you to be better in everything that you do! It’s an incredible legacy.

I'd walk a mile to meet...
Floyd Little. I mean really, I would walk a mile to meet pretty much anyone, especially if it’s a nice day! But I would walk 10 miles to meet Floyd Little!

Past accomplishment I'm really proud of is...
Graduating with my IB Diploma!

A Guilty pleasure song I've downloaded
Anything from the Spice Girls

In three words, my driving is described as...
NYC cab driver

# of siblings

Dream vacation location
Italy! I want to experience the culture (and food) of where my family is from.

If I won the lottery, the most ridiculous thing I would buy is...
an island!!

Three things I always have in my fridge
Carrots, eggs, soy sauce

Favorite 80's or 90's song
Anything and everything AC/DC

Most interesting class You've ever taken?
Theory of Knowledge. The class focused on the nature of knowledge and how we know the things we think we do (did I confuse you yet?). It encouraged you to ask “Why?” and question common knowledge based on awareness and credibility. Really intriguing!

Best subject in school was...
Any of the sciences. I focused on both biology and chemistry throughout high school. I’ve always been interested to learn more about how the world works.

Dogs or Cats?
Dogs. My black lab, Denver, is my favorite adventure buddy!

Craziest or most memorable Halloween costume
I was a running back! I used all of my dad’s old gear, including his Japan Bowl jersey and CSU helmet.

New Year's resolution you make every year and break soon after
Get more sleep!