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  • Occupation: Poms Coach, Dance Teacher
  • Hometown: Littleton, CO
  • Tenure: 4
  • College: Colorado State University


Regional Assistant at RE/MAX World Headquarters

Colorado State University! GO RAMS!

Ang or Peanut

Littleton, CO



Regional Assistant at RE/MAX World Headquarters

Colorado State University! GO RAMS!

Ang or Peanut

Littleton, CO

What has been your favorite Broncos moment?
My favorite Broncos moment so far was the AFC Championship Win at home 2 years ago! It still feels like a dream. I will never forget the joy and excitement that ran through me that day. Our fans really brought the Mile High Magic that day. I will forever cherish that memory!

What is your favorite part of being a Denver Broncos Cheerleader veteran?
My favorite part of being a DBC Veteran is being able to help the Rookies! I love helping them grow and learn more about the program. It is an honor to be a veteran on this team and I definitely cherish everything I have learned and love sharing it with the Rooks!

Any hidden talents or tricks you can do?
I can wake board! For being a Colorado Native, I am definitely a water person!

Favorite current or all-time dance song
Country Girl, Shake if for Me! By Luke Bryan, it never gets old!

When did you first start dancing / cheerleading?
I started ballet when I was 3 years old! I have had a passion for dance ever since.

Pet peeve
Mis-matched socks! That is something I will never understand, ha ha.

Zodiac sign

Favorite book
The Fault in Our Stars!

Favorite time of year
Summer! I absolutely love the Colorado summers! Perfect weather for getting outdoors!

When I’m not dancing I enjoy, yoga, pure barre, horseback riding, reading, and doing anything outside, especially hiking!

Favorite quote
One of my favorites is "Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive, who is truer than you." – Dr. Suess

Song for the first dance ever learned was?
The first one I remember is Flying Purple People Eater" haha!

Favorite style of dance
My favorite style of dance is jazz! Although, I absolutely love watching ballet!!!

Favorite meal or restaurant
My mom’s homemade spaghetti! Gotta love that home-cooked Italian meal!

Favorite junk food
I love chocolate covered gummi bears, they are my weakness!

Bad habit I'm trying to break
Waiting until the last minute to get gas…

Three people on twitter I follow
Shannon Sharpe, Colorado State University, and ESPN

What I love most about my fellow DBC's?
They understand my busy life style!

I'd walk a mile to meet...
Just about anyone I care about! A mile is nothing

Past accomplishment I'm really proud of is...
Graduating college on the Dean’s List!

A Guilty pleasure song I've downloaded
"Call Me Maybe" Didn’t we all download that at one point?

# of siblings
2, one older brother and one older sister, yes I love being the youngest!

Dream vacation location
Italy! I have always wanted to visit Italy not only for the art, Churches and scenery, but to also visit my extended family!

If I won the lottery, the most ridiculous thing I would buy is...
A massage chair! I have always wanted one of those! So ridiculous, but so nice at the same time!

Three things I always have in my fridge
Greek yogurt, Brussel sprouts, and blueberries!

Favorite 80's or 90's song
I have a lot, but one of my all-time favorites is, "Waterfalls" by TLC.

Most interesting class You've ever taken?
The Psychology of Women! It was interesting to really dig deep into a woman’s brain.

Best subject in school was...
English, simple and to the point! I’m not much of a math person!

What is your passion besides dancing?
Yoga! I absolutely love the yoga practice. It’s not only a killer work out but it stretches the body and relaxes the mind all at the same time!

Craziest or most memorable Halloween costume
My most memorable Halloween costume would have to be a football player, complete with full pads, helmet and cleats.